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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

Twelve Ordinary Men

by Dr. John MacArthur

Learn all scripture has to say about the apostles and what historical accounts revealed about them. Jesus took every day men, just like us, and shaped them into leaders of the church. Every apostle had a different purpose in Gods plan, each doing their part. Some major, most minor, but important none the less.

Here you will find downloads, books, and links to many of the video clips and other Christian resources that CEO-Ministries uses in our various workshops and ministries. Also books we use in our personal studies.
Resources, Media, & Links

#1 Recommended Read

The Holy Scriptures, inerrant and sufficient Word of God. What else is there to say, it’s the only book you will ever need. Read it every day of your life and God will open it up to you like you could never imagine. We recommend daily regimented time in the Word.

50 Languages,

100 Versions, look up any passage of scripture.


The Bondage of the Will

By Martin Luther

This was the blueprint for the Reformation. Luther himself considered this the most important of his works. A true classic and a must read.

The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel

by Dr. C.F.W. Walther

A timeless classic from the father of the Missouri Synod. Back in 1884 he gave seminary students Friday night lectures. This is a collection of 39 those lectures. Seminary students to this day are still reading his lessons. You can also benefit from a great piece of work.

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The Spirituality of the Cross

By Gene Edward Veith Jr.

The Author uses his own spiritual experiences as a backdrop to examine what led him to a relationship with God that was rooted and anchored in the Gospel..

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

By Paul Timothy McCain (Editor)

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a remarkable achievement in Lutheran publishing. Find helpful introductions, insightful notes and annotations, and new tools and guides to aid your reading and comprehension. Encounter the dramatic history and heroic persons associated with the various documents in the Lutheran Confessions.

Samson and the pirate monks

By Nate Larkin

With no-holds-barred honesty and poignant storytelling, Nate Larkin introduces a model of community and friendship that is reinvigorating men's ministry across the country, a model he calls The Samson Society. Too many men see the biblical hero Samson as their model for manhood--a rugged individualist of the highest order. Yet, Samson's solitary successes were eventually overcome by moral weaknesses. Larkin, through the story of his own past and the stories of those in The Samson Society, offers a radical, refreshing alternative.

Gospel Motivation

By Robert Koester

As Christians make transitions through life, they often begin to examine their lives and faith in Christ more closely. They may ask, "Am I living fully for God?" "Am I putting my faith into practice?" "Am I as pious or devout as I could be?" "Am I completely focused in my relationship with God?" Sadly, even Christians are not. Even as Christians get older, new temptations and challenges arise that cause them to continue to search for piety in life. According to author Robert Koester, "We are confident that the answers to our need for sanctification are all found in Scripture, and this book will aim at finding some of those answers."

Courageous - The Movie

An excellent movie about the journey of a group of men who finally start living their faith. Can’t say too much, don’t want to give anything away. Well worth your time watching.