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...But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15
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Small Group Opportunities

Small Group Ministry?

Like a fire of burning coals, the combined energy of Christians gathered together through the “means of grace” draws most towards the flame of your influence and keeps them active and encouraged by the other members involved with men’s specific ministries.

Grill Kings was established in 2010 as unique discipleship tool to teach to the men of our WELS congregations as a monthly topical Bible study, and ongoing follow up ministry to our weekend men’s Fearless Faith workshops. If offers opportunities to reach, grow, and bond, by giving the men a forum in which they can personally encourage each other through God’s Word, and to better fulfill their God given roles in their homes.

Christ Empowered Dads is our thoughtfully created, and uniquely suited for Dad’s and their issues in a manner respectful of their manhood. We prepare to meet the material, emotional and spiritual needs of their children.

Husbands for Christ is aiming to start the summer of 2015. Men who are married, or are engaged to be married who are willing to meet to encourage one another how to better maintain their role as the Biblical Husband in the household.

Partnering with Pastors is essential for any lay ministry to be successful.

This close relationship helps us produce quality resources for discipleship training, and our events. Our book mark Bible studies are taken from the notes off the pulpit. It is the means of grace that continues to help us strengthen men of our churches. It is with the utmost importance that doctrine is followed. There are a few WELS Pastors that look over our content so we can properly share God’s Word.

Motivated by the Gospel

That’s the end goal of this whole process, drawing men closer to the cross of Christ.

This is the equation for a successful men’s small group.

Time + Relationship = Influence

When you’re ready for Grill Kings “Purpose and Planning”

    1.) Organize core group of Lay-Leaders with your Pastor - at least two men who are willing to work

         together with church leadership on a monthly basis.

    2.) Mission Statement: Our vision is to assist, encourage, strengthen, and increase the awareness

        of a man’s daily journey in their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

     3.) Purpose: To lead men closer to Christ and help establish the strength to deal with life’s

         temptations or challenges.

    4.) Secure a location - we started in our basement and have grown to hosting events at our WELS

         churches in Milwaukee, WI. This is a discipleship tool so try either home or church.

    5.) Send out invites - we use “E-Vite”, it’s free and easy to manage.

    6.) We provide the food and beverages, ask each man to donate what he can to help cover the

        expenses. However, having men bring dishes to pass may give them a sense of ownership and

        may encourage them to attend more often.

We encourage all men who attend to get plugged into their home congregations Bible studies.

Here is a sample Grill Kings Schedule

Ice Breaker arrive 5:00 pm

Start Bible Study  5:30 pm

Eat 6:30 pm

Fellowship 7:30 pm

We provide the personalized city Grill Kings logo, bookmarks, study notes, and recipes on web-site for no charge.

We have six Grill Kings lay men’s groups functional:

Burnsville, MN

Lacresent, MN

Seattle, WA

Beaver Dam, WI

Chippewa Falls, WI

Milwaukee, WI

If your interested in learning more or trying out a Grill Kings please contact me at


God Bless

Letter from Derek

I'd been looking for more opportunities for structure when studying God's word. So the Lord led me to a chance encounter with Brian. He invited me to a Grill Kings. I had never attended a men's group before and thought it would be a good way to meet more men of faith.

I found the biblical foundation to all our discussion encouraging and motivating. Grill Kings was (and is) a ministry focused on glorifying God - a ministry to grow spiritually as a Christian man.

God had also put it on my heart to get more involved with some type of ministry beyond simply attending, but I had no idea in what capacity. I told Brian about this, but only after he had asked if I'd like to take on a men's group focused on support for Christian fathers.

Being a father isn't easy. Being a Christian father is even harder. There are all types of attacks against the Godly fathers of this world, and I felt drawn to accept Brian's offer. We are coming up on our one-year anniversary and have established a core group of fathers who meet monthly.  We talk about successes, struggles, devotion ideas, and how to be Godly examples for our kids. Just as importantly we meet to encourage one another in our God-appointed roles and how to feed our families spiritually.

Derek Campbell